Custom Software Development Services

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Are you looking for a software or system which is unique and not really available off-the-shelf?

Shubbak Technologies is a software development company based in Dubai, UAE offering full-scale Custom Software Development Services exclusively tailored for domain specific businesses.  We comply with the latest development methodologies, embracing widely used platforms, frameworks, and tools.

Why Choose Shubbak Technologies as your Prospective Software Development Partner?

  • We build high-performance software to increase the productivity of the business
  • We offer custom solutions making use of the latest technologies
  • We provide easy integration with existing applications and maintenance with long-term benefits
  • We have a development team of technology experts from diverse business verticals
  • We have experience in custom software development for business verticals like e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, IT, etc.
  • We have a record of delivering projects successfully
  • We are as one of the fasted growing software company in Dubai
  • We are early adopters and champs of the latest technologies
  • We help businesses gain economically by developing robust and extensible products
  • We pride ourselves on our talent pool specialized in Python, Django, PHP,  .NET, and JAVA.

Our Software Development Approach

Software Development Services
software method 1

Analysis and Strategy

As a customer centric software solution company, our definitive goal in this stage is to construct a prototype that takes care of the essential issue, recognizes the correct target persona and makes ready for a market fit product.

We assist you with

♦ Feasibility Analysis ♦ Business Logic ♦ Business Model ♦ Prototype Designing ♦ Product Validation ♦ Persona Identification

software methodology 2

UI/UX Development

We create innovative interfaces with deep understanding of user behaviour, functionality and industry trends that are stylishly engaging, impeccable to utilize, and drive individuals to take action.

We assist you with

♦ UI/UX design ♦ Branding and Identity ♦ Wireframe Development ♦ Software Architecture.

software method 3

Full Stack Development

With  regards to coding, we know all the top notch technologies that are currently available. Our developers unify latest technologies with sound development processes like Agile and Devops. We ensure that your application exceeds expectations in  measurement; scalability, technology stack, robustness and functionality.

We assist you with

♦ Full Stack Development ♦ Frontend Development ♦ Backend  Development ♦ Multiple OS Support.

software method 4

Quality Assurance

A clear testing strategy is important to maintain the quality throughout the development process. We adopt a built-in-quality approach by automated and integrated testing procedures improving efficiency and accuracy to produce secure, reliable, and clean coded solutions.

We assist you with

♦ QA Automation ♦ Device Interoperability testing ♦ User Testing ♦ OS Testing ♦ Performance Testing ♦ Multiple Browser Testing

software method 5

Software Maintenance Services

We perform periodic system reliability, availability, and maintainability analysis and application improvement program that involves performance optimization, UI/UX modernization, version upgrades, OS updates, etc. We ensure your software tuned up and it is equipped with new features, technology trends, and is compatible with OS updates.

We assist you with
♦ Application Performance & Scalability ♦ Server Monitoring ♦ OS & Device Updates ♦ Roll Out Latest Features ♦ Security Updates ♦ Third Party Integration Updates ♦ Disaster Recovery.

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