Payment Gateway Integration Services

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How does a payment gateway function?

Payment gateway takes care of credit card transactions and authorize payments. Most gateway services are provided by third party companies like PayPal, Google and Authorize.Net as well as banks. You would need a merchant account to set up your payment gateway portal.

As the customer submits a request, the data is caught and transmitted to the merchant’s server in encoded form like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and after that sent to the payment gateway. It then transmits the data to the server of concerned bank.

Getting bank of the merchant passes the data to the bank of the customer.

The card issuing bank of the customer sends response to gateway itemizing whether the exchanges is approved or declined.

Finally, the card issuing bank of the customer deposits the amount in the acquiring bank account of the merchant at the end of the day.

What is Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Integration Services

Shubbak Technologies specializes in payment gateway integrations for retail shopping cart business, subscription-based websites, C2C payment systems, multivendor pay-outs, and more in UAE and across GCC.

Our payment gateway solutions will enable you to make real time monetary transactions in an adaptable, protected and secure way. We utilize hardware and software encryption to give added layer of security to your sensitive data to guarantee that the critical data passes amongst you and your customers in an impeccably secure way. We can provide different payment options on your site, based on your business needs.

Some of the major Payment Gateways we support include






You can select any gateway service of your choice and our team of experienced programmers will integrate the secure eCommerce platform at your fingertips.

Drop us your details to discuss your requirement for a customized payment gateway integration that is just appropriate for your particular business needs.

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