Cloud services are dominating our business operations as the use of technology grows in our business. Cloud services are becoming part of our business, be it your email service, lead generation website, CRM software, eCommerce portal, or any other form.

With the increase in the dependency on Cloud service providers and the complexity that comes with configuring and maintaining such platforms, it is inevitable to have a managed cloud service partner that can help your businesses sail smoothly through your cloud journey.

Shubbak Technologies is a leading provider of managed cloud services. With our extensive experience and wide range of managing various cloud services, we can help you identify the right solution for your requirements such as email services, business software hosting, website hosting, eCommerce service, Mobile Apps backend, and API services.

Managed Cloud Services

Shubbak Technologies provides managed cloud services in Dubai which includes various services including cloud account management, configuration, Server Maintenance, Monitoring, Server upgrades, application deployment, DevOps, and migration.

Cloud Server Maintenance

Cloud servers can be used to host your business applications. All the servers need maintenance that will ensure reliability and avoid and server failures and downtime. At Shubbak Technologies, we have expertise in managing Linux as well as Windows based server. We help our clients with managing services such as Apache2, Docker, Nginx, Tomcat, and many more.

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Cloud Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring goes hand-in-hand with monitoring. We use various tools to do both Service-level as well as Resource monitoring. It’s important to monitor all resources including Memory, CPU, network and storage to ensure proper utilization and take precautionary measures in case of any discrepancies.  We implement advanced tools to get timely alerts and reporting.