Paytabs is an award-winning payment solution provider in the Middle East. Over the years, Paytabs has emerged as a trusted brand in the Online Payment Provider space. Paytabs offers a one-stop-shop to manage payments for a start-up, web store, e-com venture, or online enterprise business.

Using Paytabs as your payment gateway you can allow your customers to pay using their Mastercard, Visa, American Express card, KNET and many other payment methods available across the world. Paytabs makes your payment journey simple and smooth.

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Paytabs Integration

Shubbak Technologies is a certified integration partner for Paytabs. Integration of an online payment gateway with your eCommerce website or CRM can be complex at times and needs special care with respect to security and transaction monitoring.

At Shubbak technologies, we help businesses to integrate Paytabs seamlessly into their business process and automate the complete payment workflow so that they never miss a transaction. We help you ensure that the payments are performed securely and the website passes all the legal requirements to collect payment online

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