Hosting your WordPress website right

Hosting your WordPress website right

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet as of today. Most of the businesses have at least one business website on WordPress apart from their other online applications.

As WordPress has increased its footprint across businesses of varied verticals, size, requirements, traffic, etc., there is also a challenge that every organization has to face is regarding hosting, performance, and security of the website.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting could be a challenge if you do not select the right provider or do not upgrade to the appropriate capacity as your visitors grow. We usually like to classify the WordPress sites we host in one of the 3 categories.

Lite Static Website

The objective of such websites is to ensure online presence with a low visitor rate (not more than 200 per day). Such websites are mostly informative and are not transactional. Such websites can be hosted on shared hosting providers at a low cost. The hosting and security are managed by the provider using their internal systems and any security incident, performance issues can be resolved with the help of a developer and the support from the hosting company.

Corporate Website

The business websites owned by medium scale businesses to ensure online presence expecting higher reliability and performance. Such websites should be hosted on a VPS where you have more resources available and better control. Having your own VPS will also allow you to customize and implement your own security and performance mechanisms.

Transactional or Business Website

At times, your WordPress website is crucial to carrying the actuall business. For example, it is the source of customer registrations, shopping, sales or payment collection. In such cases, the reliability, and performance of the website are critical as any downtime may cause a direct loss to your revenue. In such cases, you may have to look for very reliable, controlled infrastructure providers such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, etc. Along with the website being hosted reliably, what’s also important is to have a backup and recovery mechanism in case of downtimes.

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