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Official Mailchimp Partner in Dubai

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective, result-driven techniques. At Shubbak Technologies Dubai we help our customers to:

1. Generate Leads for their businesses
2. Bring back your online store customers prompting them to complete their purchase
3. Custom-designed landing page to capture referrals
4. Stay in touch with the customers with updates
5. Periodical Newsletter and Magazines delivered on email
6. Track the campaign performance through matrix-like Emails Open Rate, Click Rate.
Email Marketing
As a part of our Email Marketing service, we aim to create region focussed digital experiences that are unique, engaging, and results-focused for your business. We believe in seamlessly integrating the highest levels of creativity, commerce, and technology to make your brand stand out. As a proven marketing strategy, Email Marketing helps to establish direct communication with your potential and existing customer both.
With Shubbak’s support, you can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story. We design and implement the right kind of templates whether you’re welcoming new subscribers, notifying customers of a sale, or wishing someone a happy birthday.

We provide you the right solution to send bulk emails that are actually personalized and targeted without a lot of work. We can help you with transactional email responses that follow a workflow and are fully automated.

Aside from that, our email marketing service must make it easy to manage your contacts, segment users into groups, and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Most importantly, we ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

Shubbak Technologies Dubai is now an Official Mailchimp Partner

Shubbak Technologies is excited to announce that we have become an official partner of Mailchimp. As our agency prepares for the next chapter in modern marketing, utilizing the email marketing solution by MailChimp has proven to be one of the segment leaders by democratizing marketing technology. 

With the Mailchimp Partner Program, our clients get priority support, exclusive resources, and access to new Mailchimp products before the general public.

Together with the Mailchimp platform and our expertise in Digital Marketing within the Dubai region, we can make sure you get the best return on your marketing investments. Connect with us Today!
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